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Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange – Guide registration, verification, transactions from A > Z

Recently, Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange known more when the ICO CyberMiles event was successful and put up trading on Today, CryptocurrencyMirror will be training to You how to registration, verification and transactions on from A to Z.

binance-cryptocurrecy-exchange Cryptocurrency Exchange

What’s is one of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges originating in China.
Binance is known for its low transaction fee. As well as rapid transaction processing.
Source: Changpeng Zhao – CEO of Beiji Technology, founded in Shanghai, China
Safe and stable: Binance uses a powerful multi-tiered system
Multi-device support: Binance supports web browsers, Android, HTML5, WeChat and other platforms.
High Performance: Binance can handle 1.4 million transactions per second.
Multi-language support: Binance supports Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean, Russian and Spanish.
High liquidity: Binance offers a number of advanced currency pairs with extremely high liquidity.
Transaction fee: only 0.05% (when use BNB coin) – and 0.01% (When use another coin)
Multiple Coin Supports: Binance allows multiple cryptocurrency transactions including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), NEO (NEO), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), QTUM, Monaco (MCO) , Binance coin (BNB), USDT..
Strong team: Binance is run by Changpeng Zhao. Overall, the company said its team has extensive experience in both stock market and cryptocurrency market, along with successful start-ups.
Proven Product: The Binance Platform has been deployed on over 30 interfaces already available. This platform supports all devices and multi languages, providing a good user experience.

How to registration account on

If you want to sign up new account on Binance cryptocurrency please click on button bellow
Register at here to get fee only 0.05% per transaction when use BNB coin


sign up new account on
sign up new account on binance


And then please fill your email, password(note: password must at least 8 characters, include CAPITAL and special characters) and check at box “I agree to Binance’s Terms Of Use” and click on button Register

It’s be able to display one popup to verify you’re not robot. You must hold mouse and drag insert correct to image.

registration account on binance
registration account on binance

To continue please check your email, Binance will be send an email to verification.

verification email - Binance
verification email –

Click Verify Email in your email sent by Binance


verification email - Binance
verification email – Binance

After that you can see notify Your account is actived

Your account is active - Binance
Your account is actived – Binance

Now You can login and trade cryptocurrency on with account base on Level 1, with Limit 2BTC/day.

If you want to make more secure for your account and increase limit to 100 BTC/day. You need verify more follow some steps bellow:


account level 1 - binance
account level 1 – binance

How to make more Secure and Verify account on Binance

1) How to make more secure on

After registed account on Binance you must enable 2 Step FA by to use App Authy or Google Authenticator on your phone/tablet.

If you do not have this app please go to Google Play(Android) or AppStore(iphone/ipad) to download for your phone.

app google authenticator
app google authenticator

The first time when you login to your account. Binance will be display notify enable 2FA step for your account like this image bellow:

Enable 2FA steo on Binance
Enable 2FA steo on Binance

To continue, Please Copy or Print your Backup Key as We noted follow image bellow and save at your computer (like .txt file or document…). Why need save Backup Key on Binance? Because If you loose your phone and You can login to Binance, then You can contact to Binance and provide Backup Key to recover your account. If you loose Backup Key, You can contact to get your account back as well. However, It’ll be take some risk and too difficult

enable 2fa step and get backup code
Enable 2fa step and get backup code

Use Authenticator App on your phone, then clock on button + to add new code. Select icon Scan barcode to scan QR Code of Binance.

scan barcode from binance
Scan barcode from Binance

Now take your phone and scan QR code on After that Authenticator App will be display digital code include 6 numbers, this number will be constantly changing after 30 seconds. And after login on Binance, system will require input this number.

You must fill password login and 6 digital number at the field Enter 2FA Code from the app. And then Click on button Enable 2FA to complete 2FA function for your account on

enable 2fa step on binance
Enable 2fa step on

2) How to verify account on

For verify account on you need have:

2.1) Select “Submit Verification Documents”

verify account on binance
Verify account on Binance

2.2) Fill information follow your country

Type : Select International (If you’re not Chinese)
First name : Fill first name
Last Name : Fill last name
Gender : Select Gender
Country : Select Your Country
Passport ID : Fill your passport number or National ID number.

fill info for verify - Binance
Fill info for verify – Binance

2.3) Upload Passport or National ID Image

If You fill Passport number on the previous step, this section please upload Passport Cover
If You fill National ID number on the previous step, this section please upload National ID – Front

Upload passport cover - Binance
Upload passport cover – Binance

2.4) Upload Passport Personal Page

If You fill Passport number on the previous step, this section please upload Passport Personal Page (Make sure include your face and clearly visible)
If You fill National ID number on the previous step, this section please upload National ID – Back (Make sure include your face and clearly visible)

Passport Personal Page Binance

2.5) Selfie With Photo ID and Note

The last step, Selfie With Photo ID and Note, You need prepare White Paper and fill “Binance” with Current Date Time, And Selfie with your passport or your national ID, Note:

White paper must fill current date time. In the step 2.3) Upload Passport or National ID Image. You have uploaded which document. In this step please Selfie with that document. And make sure Clearly Visible.

Selfie With Photo ID And Note Binance

After uploaded all documents, please Submit to complete. Binance will be the documents you have submitted, If you make follow my guide Binance will upgrade your account after 24 hours. After Binance Approved your account will display like this.

Leve 2 Binance

Now You can make transactions/withdraw limit 100BTC/day. If You need more You can contact with Binance team.


You can get quick upgraded your account to Level 2 by the way send one message to Binance Support Group on Telegram at: with content:

“Please Help me verify lv2 my binance account. (email registration on Binance). Thank you!”

After some minutes Binance supporter will reivew and approve your account and warning to You do not post email on telegram group. After your account upgraded you shall remove message on group to leave spam from another users.


Maybe, this way can get some risk and annoying for You because You have disclosed the registration email on group and so many user can see your email.

You should be wary If any user message to You require send Bitcoin or any coin to verify documents are completely deceptive. That’s why You should consider when to use this way.

How to transaction on Binance Exchange

1) Deposit coin on Binance

To Deposit coin on Binance You need login to account and get wallet address of the Coin need deposit:

  1. Hover to Funds
  2. Select Deposits Withdrawals
  3. Select coin you want to deposit
  4. Select Deposit to get wallet address and deposit to address provided by Binance.
deposit coin to Binance
deposit coin to Binance

After select Deposit You can see wallet address and You need send correct Coin and wallet address Binance provide for You.

deposit coin to Binance
Deposit coin to Binance

2) Withdraw coin on Binance

If you want to withdraw coin on Binance, You just need select Withdrawal and fill info like this:

Label: Reminders (Let you distinguish Who is the owner of this wallet)

Adress: Address withdraw coin

Amount: Coin amount you want to send

And then please click Submit to complete.

withdraw coin on Binance
Withdraw coin on Binance

After done You review history at Funs >> History

3) Trade coin on Binance

For trade coin on Binance you need go to Exchange >> Basic (or Advanced)

Trade coin on Binance

For example You want to Trade Coin beetween BNB/BTC you can see interface like image bellow and I’ll explain to You.

Trade coin on Binance
Trade coin on Binance

1: Display all BNB selling command: You can buy now at this column

2: Display all BND buying command: You can create same command as you like at this column

3: Chart: This is Chart display current market cap follow time, minute, hour, day, week.

4: Coin: List all Altcoin accept trade by Binance Exchange. You can scroll and select so many coins You want to trade.

5: Trade History: This is trade history of this coin.

6: Column Buy Coin: This Form You can use to Buy Coin

7: Column Sell Coin: This form You can use to Sell Coin

Example: You want to buy now from other trader want to selling BNB. You just need click choice at the cheapest command in the first column. Price in this column will be display at section 6(Column Buy Coin). Then You choice amount need to Buy(You should buy some BNB coin to paid fee transaction for Binance – only 0.05% if you use BNB coin), system will auto calculate amount BTC you must paid in Total section. To complete please click BUY BNB.


However, If you do not want to BUY NOW, and You want to open buy command (wait price down – command will be order). You can set Price you want to buy and Amount same above and click BUY BNB. Your order will display at section Open Order and wait price down to your price will order. But if price do not match your price You can’t buy them.

Open order Binance

After buy successful, Your coin will appear in your account (You can check at Deposit section).

4) Use STOP – Limit function (Advance)

This is amazing function on Binance. This function used to take profit margin, cut damage or buy more coins. All are Automatically. You no need huge your PC/Laptop 24/7 to view price for Sell/Buy (You have so many things waiting You, example your girlfriends or take a cup of Beer with your friends) . You can see Stop-Limit function like this:

stop limit binance
Stop limit binance

This feature will work according to IF – THEN rules:

IF bottom price reach to STOP price - THEN system will be auto create command BUY/SELL with Limit Price and with Amount You set in form.

Example 1: You’re trade coin CMT, price on exchange is 0.00001125 BTC/CMT. If you want to “take profit margin” some CMT when price increase to 0.00001225 BTC/CMT by auto open trade at price 0.00001223 BTC/CMT. You will set command at Stop-Limit => Sell CMT and fill parameter like this:


  • Stop : 0.0000215
  • Limit : 0.0000223
  • Amount : Amount CMT You want to Sell
  • Click Sell CMT to open sell command.
Sell CMT Auto

Example 2: You’re trade CMT coin, price on time is 0.00001125 BTC/CMT. If you want to buy more CMT when price down to 0.00001025 BTC/CMT. By auto open order command  at price 0.00001027 BTC/CMT. You’ll set command at Stop-Limit => Buy CMT fill parameter like this:

  • Stop : 0.00001025
  • Limit : 0.00001027
  • Amount : amount CMT you want to buy more
  • Click Buy CMT to open buy command.
Buy CMT Auto

With this function on Binance will attract a lot of trader from other Cryptocurrency Exchange and This will be a huge Crytocurrency Exchange in 2018. However, If you’re buyer and holder so do not care about this function. Just Buy coin and send to your wallet

After read this post, Yu can deposit a litle bit BTC to Binance and try to trade some coins, like buy BNB coin like. BNB coin used to paid fee transactions. Also, if price of BNB coin increase you can take profit as well.

Register at here to get fee only 0.05% per transaction when use BNB coin

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