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What is Cardano? Introduction of Cardano coin (ADA)

What is Cardano?

Cardano (ADA) is a new Blockchain project, and also a new cryptocurrency. Cardano is now developing a Smart Contract architecture in order to provide a more premier feature than all of the previous protocols. The development team of Cardano is all the top experts in Crypto of IOHK.

What is Cardano - ADA

What is Cardano – ADA?

Cardano project was inspired by the best features of senior cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. Besides, Cardano has an important innovation, which is being the first Blockchain using a proof-of-stake algorithm, while almost other cryptocurrencies are using a proof-of-work algorithm. Cardano has an ability to expand more and it is designed in special layers, what makes it easier to be upgraded in the future.

Developer team of Cardano

Cardano project has been developed since 2014 by three organizations, which are Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Emurgo. In which, Cardano Foundation – an independent organization located in Sweden with the main responsibility to support Cardano community and to deal with authorities about laws.

IOHK is the top company in researching and developing cryptocurrency, which takes the responsibility of developing this project until 2020. And Emurgo is a business partner of Cardano, that supports capital for new businesses and supports commercial project based on Cardano Blockchain.

ADA team

ADA coin development team

The potential of ADA coin

ADA coin has been recently listed on Bittrex Exchange. Its exchange volume has risen dramatically when its value increases several times. However, now it is decreasing. According to CoinMarketCap, Cardano is now one of the top cryptocurrencies.

Many experts predicted that the value of Cardono will rise in the long term. Of course, this is just a prediction. It can be right or wrong, but you can know that ADA coin is now highly appreciated.

Where to buy and sell ADA coin?

At present, you can buy and sell ADA coin on Binance Exchange and Bittrex Exchange, these are two of the most trusted Exchanges in the World. I recommend you to use Binance due to its simplicity, fast speed, and low cost.

Cardano coin exchange rate

ADA Chart

ADA coin exchange rate chart on

At present (when I am writing this article), 1 ADA coin can be exchanged for $0.88, and the total market capitalization is $22,951,135,455.

You can go to to watch the rate in real-time.

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