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Six cryptocurrencies that accepted by Apple

Six cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the Apple Store

Apple has just refused to support Jaxx, which is a company of digital wallet, on the Apple store, because some of its features are relative to Dash. This tech giant has already confirmed this, after contacting the founder of Jaxx, Anthony Di Lorio. Six cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the …

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What is Cryptocurrency? How does Cryptocurrency work?

What is Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a complicatedly encoded system or crypto protocol to ensure the stored transacting information is secure. Cryptocurrency is developed basing on mathematics coding method and modern computing law, in order to protect its structure. Therefore, when it comes to cryptocurrency, it cannot be faked, it cannot …

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A close look at superior Bitcoin miners

This is a Bitcoin miner system

Let’s take a close look at superior Bitcoin miners, which is also called as BitcoinBuffalo. Since the publishing of Bitcoin, it has been attracted many investors to join in. At present, 1 Bitcoin is worth 17 thousand USD (the time that I am writing this article). Therefore, the Bitcoin attraction …

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How to invest in Bitcoin safely?

Notes when investing in Bitcoin

How to invest in Bitcoin effectively and safely may be one of the most concerned topics among cryptocurrencies association. Despite being a superpotential market that could bring tons of profit to the investor, profit always comes with risk. The higher the profit is, the higher the risk is. This is …

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What is Blockchain? The architecture behind Bitcoin

What is Blockchain? The architecture behind Bitcoin

What is Blockchain? If you are now learning about Bitcoin, you must know about Blockchain. Blockchain, which is also called ledger, is the advanced architecture of Bitcoin that make Bitcoin popular. The blockchain is not only used for Bitcoin, but also for many technologies in present and future. Bill Gates, …

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What is Satoshi? Learn about Bitcoin Satoshi

What is Satoshi Learn about Bitcoin Satoshi

What is Satoshi? If you are a newcomer to cryptocurrencies and how to invest in these currencies, the first things you should learn are basic concepts and terminologies of cryptocurrencies. I have written some articles about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain before. Today, I would like to introduce you to Satoshi. …

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The definition of Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency using cryptography. Cryptography is a security process for ensuring that transactions are safe. It came from the hidden text of The Greek. An instance example of cryptography in history is that cryptography was used for communication in Caesar and Enigma machine. A simple way to …

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How to get Bitcoin?


When buying Bitcoin, almost users use the simplest method: they buy Bitcoins from brokers, exchangers and sellers. The one who has more knowledge of technology can earn Bitcoins from mining, which is more and more become popular. However, the third method, that may be the least common method, is to …

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