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A close look at superior Bitcoin miners

Let’s take a close look at superior Bitcoin miners, which is also called as BitcoinBuffalo. Since the publishing of Bitcoin, it has been attracted many investors to join in. At present, 1 Bitcoin is worth 17 thousand USD (the time that I am writing this article).

Therefore, the Bitcoin attraction is more and more spreading, many have already invested millions of dollar to buy superior Bitcoin miners, which are in fact high-performance VGAs.

This is a Bitcoin miner system
This is a Bitcoin miner system

Due to its value compared to Gold, Bitcoin has an intensive attraction to “underworld” that is willing to farm Bitcoin. They are daily silently operating to earn Bitcoin. To exploit Bitcoin is not easy due to the need for powerful computer systems. In the World, there are now many professional teams and organizations who are dominating the Bitcoin mining market.

The process of Bitcoin mining

According to the fact that Bitcoin is created by algorithm basing on peer to peer network. The process of processing the computing for the blockchain is called “Mining” or “Farming“. This process ensures the blockchain system is running relentlessly, and the blockchain in exchange will give these miners a reward, which is a little amount of Bitcoin.

How does Bitcoin miner produce Bitcoin
How does Bitcoin miner produce Bitcoin

The computer which has joined in the network has to work constantly. Therefore, a miner wanting to exploit Bitcoin needs to invest in a BitcoinBuffalo with an extensive power, a fast internet bandwidth and a steady electrical supplier. It means that there are not only the BitcoinBuffalo investing cost but also internet cost and electrical cost when mining Bitcoin. The average total investing money would be thousands of dollar, and some are even millions of dollar.

A closer look at BitcoinBuffalo

Only a short period of time when Bitcoin was born, electronic providers have invented professional Bitcoin miners or BitcoinBuffaloes for faster exploiting. They are super-performance VGA systems, with outstanding processing power.

BitcoinBuffaloes with powerful VGAs
BitcoinBuffaloes with powerful VGAs

1, A sample of BitcoinBuffalo’s hardware configuration

The minimum configuration:

– CPU Celeron G1480.

– Main Biostar Hi-Fi h81 s2 with 6 VGA slots.

– A good and stable HDD

– 4GB of DDR3.

– VGA RX 480 or VGA ASUS R9 380

2, A sample of BitcoinBuffalo’s software configuration

For mining Bitcoin, you are in need of newest Operating System like window 10, which has been already activated with full of installed drivers. You have to shut down the Firewall and automatic update. You also need to install a driver for VGA.


To sum up, mining Bitcoin is not so easy. You have to invest in a superior computer system and also need a bulk of knowledge, from the operation of Bitcoin miner to Bitcoin market.

Hopefully, you have found useful information from my article. For more cryptocurrency articles, please follow me. Thank for your reading.

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