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How to create Litecoin wallet?

When it comes to Bitcoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrency, to make a transaction including sending, receiving and storing you need a wallet, so does Litecoin. However, many still have not known how to create a Litecoin wallet, so in this article, I will show you how to create a simple Litecoin on your computer. After reading my guide, I sure that you can create your own wallet no matter what technology level you are. Let’s begin

How to create a Litecoin wallet on your computer

First, you need to access this link:, then click “Download” on the menu bar. You can see its interface in the picture below. (I use Windows as my operate system, so I downloaded the windows version)

How to create Litecoin wallet

How to create Litecoin wallet?

After downloading it, you need to open the wizard (double-click the .exe file that you have just downloaded) to set up.

Click next

Choose the local disk that you want to install the software on (you should choose D or E). Click Next

Click Install

Click Next

Choose Finish, and you have finished creating a Litecoin wallet. An Icon of Litecoin wallet will appear on your desktop. Now open the software.

Now, the software is starting to download a .dat file. This is a necessary file to transact Litecoin. Let it download completely. After finishing, click “Receive” to get your wallet address.

The default Litecoin address will something like “LZ4L2RQogaDd8ZuRUHWPMpe6dMwbbjxLwc“. To send Litecoin to someone, you need to click “Send”

Enter the receiver address in the “Pay to” field. The “Label” field is used for noting this receiver in Blockchain. Fill the amount of Litecoin that you want to send in “Amount” field.

If you want someone to send you money, you only need to send them your address above. That’s all


It is quite easy, isn’t it? Just simply click “Next”, “Next” and “Finish”. Hope you can create your Litecoin successful.

Thank for your reading. For more cryptocurrency articles, please follow us.

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