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ICO EZToken: unprecedented record, only 47 seconds – 3 million tokens “disappear clean”

Recently, EZPOS Holding Pte. Ltd. (The Singapore-based company) has called the ICO for a very impressive time. Only about 47 seconds, investors from 129 countries around the world have bought 3 million EZT tokens.

It is reported that EZPOS Holding Pte. Ltd. (Singapore-based company, 160 Robison, SBF Center, # 26-10, Singapore 068914) – one of the leading companies in South East Asia for providing computer software solutions. the cloud for more than 10,000 stores in South East Asian countries) has officially launched a complete solution and successfully applied the Loyalty Point model on the modern Blockchain platform for retail businesses.

EZT Token
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As previously reported, EZPOS Holding will implement a very friendly new solution for the current 10,000 customers in all industries. The Loyalty Point solution, also known as the electronic scorecard of EZPOS Holding, will make users feel very excited by the use of flexible accumulation points.

Points will be encoded by EZToken, when used, this token is not limited by time or provider. All are secure, completely secure on the technology platform used by electronic coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum. This is a breakthrough in terms of ideas as well as building products based on Blockchain technology of EZPOS Holding.

With EZToken’s Blockchain platform, users can use the accumulation points on the system to redeem services or gifts from any store in EZPOS’s Blockchain Loyalty Point ecosystem.

With the participation of tens of thousands of stores in many Asian countries. EZPOS Holding will bring to consumers a huge ecosystem with customer interests as the focus. Moreover, with EZPOS Holding’s Loyalty Point project, users can convert their accumulated “real time” gift into any time on the international currency exchange.

3 millions token was cleaned after 47 seconds
3 millions token was cleaned after 47 seconds

And the second round of the ICO (round 1 on January 1, 2018) took place from 23:00 on January 8, 2018, the call time ended impressively, with just 47 seconds, 3,000,000 EZT Token has been purchased by investors from 129 countries around the global.

CEO Charles Ehredt has commented on the EzPos product being built: “The great idea plus the large ecosystem, Blockchain Loyalty Point will be the consumer product. With all the changes in the way of shopping, businesses will see more about the benefits of the promotion through the point of sale for their customers”.

EZPOS Holding is in the process of completing and implementing the Loyalty Point solution. And in the coming days, EZPOS Holding will continue to call for round 3 ICO (EZToken) on January 12, 2018.

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