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An introduce to exploit Ethereum with Minergate

In this article, I will introduce you a simple way to exploit Ethereum with Minergate for newcomers. No matter what technology level you are, follow the below simple steps and you will able to exploit Ethereum with Minergate.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency, which is called as Bitcoin 2.0. Ethereum is developed basing on a basic distributed computing blockchain platform, which operates depending on Smart Contracts. Ethereum’s unit is Ether. Vitalik Buterin, who was a young Russian developer that is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, invented Ethereum at the end of 2013. And now, Ethereum coin is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the World that has been accepted in many countries. To learn more about Ethereum, you can read this article [line 7 of the spreadsheet]. In this article, I just focus on how to mine Ethereum with Minergate.

How to exploit Ethereum with Minergate?

At present, there are many ways to mine Ethereum. However, with newcomers, many of them are so complicated, thus I this article I will introduce two simple ways. Let’s go:

Step 1: Access this link: And register an account.

Register an account on Minergate to mine Ethereum
Register an account on Minergate to mine Ethereum

Fill in your Email and Password information and click “Sign up & mining”. Minergate will send you an email to verify shortly. Login your email account and click the link that they sent you.

Step 2: Now, you need to download Ethereum mining tool. Choose the one that fits your OS (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu or Fedora).

Download the tool to mine Ethereum
Download the tool to mine Ethereum

After downloading, you need to instal it. The installing process is quite simple. It is the same as other software installing process, all you need to do is clicking “Next”.

Install the ETH mining software
Install the ETH mining software

After installing, open the software, log in and let’s start mining ETH.

Login and start to mine ETH
Login and start to mine ETH

Simple steps to mine Ethereum:

– Click “Miner” Tab.

– Choose the coin that you want to mine: I chose Ethereum.

– Choose the CPU Core: I chose 6 CPU cores.

Simple steps for setting up

Simple steps for setting up

– Click “Start CPU Mining” and “Start GPU Mining”.

The system will need 2 – 5 minutes to start.

Now, you are all set for mining ETH
Now, you are all set for mining ETH

The minimum hardware configuration for Ethereum mining.

– Mainboard: you should choose the main that has 5 slots of PCI-E like Biostar H81 Hi-fi, Asrock H81 Pro BTC motherboard.

– CPU: choose Celeron G3250 or G1840 to lower your cost.

– RAM: 4Gb of DDR3

– Power supplier: choose some stable power supplier.

– HDD/SSD: enough storage capacity to install Windows and software.

– Operating System: Windows 10 64 Bit, and shut down all interface effects, firewall, updating. Set power option in ‘High performance’ mode.

– VGA: The most important thing.

Learn more in here:

Or in here:

You can access this link to know how much Ethereum you have mined in the day: such as:

Eth Caculator
Eth Caculator

Okay, that’s all. You should calculate the profit and the cost, and make the best decision for yourself.

After exploited some ETH, you will need an Ethereum wallet to store your money. To withdraw the money from Minergate, you need to access “Wallet” Tab and fill in the withdraw address.


Hopefully, you have found useful information in my article. For more cryptocurrency articles, please follow me. Thank for reading.

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