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A new fund will invest in Ethereum Classic

Truth to said that 2017 is the year of Cryptocurrency. And when it comes to cryptocurrency, not only Bitcoin and Ethereum are mentioned, but also is Ethereum Classic. In fact, Ethereum Classic (not Ethereum) will be invested by a big personal fund.

Ethereum Classic is a very promising investment

Ethereum Classic is a very promising investment

Ethereum Classic has started to raise fund

According to Barry Silbert from DigitalGuard Group (DCG), Ethereum Classic is a very promising investment and surely its value will increase more.

DCG, which is the company that owns website, and Grayscale Investments, which is a USA fund, will invest in Ethereum Classic.

Silbert told Reuters that: “Investors are more and more interested in cryptocurrency. They see it as a real asset. And we can see the disappointed disadvantages of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So, Ethereum Classic is the one that we should invest in”.

I am now very excited when heard the news that they are building an investment fund for Ethereum Classic due to the increasing attention to ETC.

The return of DAO (Delegation of Authority)

Ethereum Classic has not exactly been the apple of anyone’s eye, to any great degree, since the failed DAO experiment, last year. Last April, announced the launch of The DAO on Ethereum. The DAO was designed as a decentralized crowdfunding model and it raised $150 million USD as of late May last year. But on June 17, 2016, an anonymous hacker funnelled approximately $60 million in tokens into a separate account.

This caused a “hard fork” solution, to undo the theft and restore all funds to all legitimate interested parties. It also created a new coin, maintaining the Ethereum name, and that currency has done well, at least in market value.

Within the last week alone, it Ethereum has gained a major partnership with players like Microsoft, Intel and JP Morgan through their Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and the value has surpassed $20 this week, or more than 50% in value over the last two weeks.

Ethereum Classic investment fund is an open fund which can be raised unlimitedly, and DCG will only invest in the trusted investors. This is considered as the second investment fund of Grayscale, which was published in 2013.

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