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Six cryptocurrencies that accepted by Apple

Apple has just refused to support Jaxx, which is a company of digital wallet, on the Apple store, because some of its features are relative to Dash. This tech giant has already confirmed this, after contacting the founder of Jaxx, Anthony Di Lorio.

Six cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the Apple Store

Six cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the Apple Store.

Jaxx is not the first Cryptocurrency app that Apple has refused and deleted from IOS. Another app was Apple’s standpoint of cryptocurrency seems quite positive in the discussion between Apple and Di Lorio, who owns a famous cryptocurrency trading company. However, Jaxx was still refused.

Jaxx has been published as a digital wallet two weeks before the meeting, and everything is quite good. Dio Lorio said: “a few days ago, I received the information that Apple need to discuss with me.”

Few days after that, the discussion between Jaxx and Apple was held. Apple said that they do not accept Dash, so they do not accept Jaxx wallet due to some of its features which are the same as Dash features. In the interview, Di Lorio revealed that Apple just accepts 6 cryptocurrencies, which are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DAO, Dogecoin and Ripple. Apple did not explain the reason why they only accept these 6 coins.

Jaxx - Cryptocurrency Gateway

Jaxx – Cryptocurrency Gateway.

“It is my responsibility to announce the users that we will delete Dash wallet from our IOS app to get back on the Apple store”, Dio Lorio said. After the discussion, he has Tweeted this immediately. This information surprised many cryptocurrency investors.

Di Lorio and his company are now preparing for removing some Dash features, and get back on the Apple store. Di Lorio said that their Android app would maintain these features, and Apple was so old-fashioned compared to Google.

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