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The history of releasing Ether

Ether is not created by any specific direction. When you invest some money to own Ether or exploit it, you will obviously become a sponsor of Ethereum. The value of money that you have invested will become the equivalent value of the Ethereum that you own. And this amount of Ethereum belongs to you until you use it.

The history of releasing Ether

The history of releasing Ether


Ethereum was funded in middle of 2014. More than 60 million Ethers (60,102,216 ETH) was released. Ether coins are released at a rate of 1000-2000 Ether per Bitcoin (BTC).

Around 9.9% of released Ethereum was paid to Ethereum Fund to compensate early investors.

Another 9.9% of released Ethereum is maintained as a long-term provision for Ethereum. This means that the total amount of released Ethereum before the market launch is 72 million Ethers.

Ether is continually released each year after the Genesis Block reaches 26% of 60 million Ether, which would be funded during the funding phases. The releasing amount every year will be unchanged, which is about 15.6 million Ethers. It is estimated that in the next five years, more than 50% of Ether will be exploited by miners.

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