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The new trend of having Virtual Cats in the Crypto association – A cat for more than $100,000

CryptoKitties the digital cats, which has been debuted recently, quickly have become a hot trend in the Crypto association over the World. This is an application of Ethereum’s Blockchain architecture.

crytokitties trending

CrytoKitties are really hot in Crypto society recently

Though CrytoKitties have been debuted for a couple of days, they quickly have become the hot trend in Crypto association (digital currency association), all over the World. Crytokitties are somehow likely to the previous ‘virtual animal‘ trend, except for the behind blockchain architecture that could bring you a lot of money.

CrytoKitties was developed by a design studio called AxiomZen. To start this game, you have to pay 0,01 ETH (around 12 USD) buying your first virtual cat. Then, you properly like to take care of it and crossbreed it, in order to make your own special cats.

Up to now, 1,3 million dollars have been transacted through this game’s blockchain. Extraordinarily, there’re virtual cats that can be sold for more than 50 ETH (36,000 USD). The highest one is “Genesis” which cost 245 ETH (178,000 USD).

Gameplay of CryptoKitties

The game starts with 100 virtual cats, which were created by AxiomZen, called “Founder Kitties”. Averagely, every 15 minutes, one cat will be born. Value of the new cat is 1,5 time of the average price of 5 cats that have just been sold recently. However, this value will keep decreasing for 24 hours until someone buys it.

Each cat is fixed a different 256-bit genetic gene. This genome is expressed through shapes and sizes, eye and fur colours, and also fertilities. When mating, genomes of two cat will combine to create a new genome. Therefore, there have already been millions of genomes created.

CrytoKittiesEach virtual cat has different price (in ETH)

You could begin with a generation 0 CryptoCat, whose price is the most affordable. Then, you could sell your cat to other players in the market. The method of selling is decreasing auctions, you will choose the starting price and ending price (which is lower), and in the next 24 hours, the price will constantly drop until someone accepts the deal.

If you don’t want to sell your cats, you could get them to mate. If your cat is male, you shall post an offer in the market to get some ETH from players who have female cats. If your cat is female, you shall pay a little ETH to find a male mate, and after a period of time, she would birth a baby cat for you.


You can make money by letting your male cat mate with other females cats, or by letting your female cat give birth.

This means no matter male or female, they will make some money for you. But notice that each cat has a cooldown time after mating and birthing.

The next generation, that is born by Gen-0, is Gen-1. They have some superior advantages to the parents such as faster cooldown time or special colour. You could sell them or keep giving them mating for the next generation cats. Of course, you could only create the next generation cats with female cats.

The most important thing is AxiomZen did not predetermine the value of each CryptoCat. The number of genomes is too enormous to be controlled, so the society is who decides the price of each cat. If one cat has some rare characteristics or outstanding index number, it could be sold at a super high price.

Not just a game

CryptoKitties is not just simply a game that was made by a game company, it bases on Ethereum’s Blockchain technology. Which means no one is able to control the data. Once you have created a cat, it will forever belong to you and forever last in the blockchain, even if AxionZen closes the company one day.

This game is linked directly to your Ethereum wallet, every single transaction is in Ethereum. This makes CryptoKitties an investment. Using the first invested ETH, you could make a lot of money by mating, birthing and selling.


The special and rare cats are very valuable. These prices are determined by the society, not by the issuer.

The interesting thing is all of the game content is unreal, but its values are accepted to be real by a huge society. AxiomZen have integrated the Smart Contract technology, which is the typical feature of Ethereum’s Blockchain, to ensure every transaction is done and secure.

At present, 15 percentages of Ethereum Blockchain bandwidth are used for this game, which makes CrypoKitties become the most used Smart Contract application.


Genesis was sold for 250 ETH – This is the most valuable stuff that has been transacted in cryptocurrency.


CryptoCat collection of Racheterians


One dog-lover, who never has thought about having a cat, has just spent 1,300 USD buying a CryptoKitty.

AxiomZen makes their revenue by Gen-0 cats which are created every 15 minutes, and by the fee per transaction.

CryptoKitties is just one of the first application of Ethereum Blockchain. In the future, we will see more interesting things which are not only made by Ethereum blockchain, but also by new blockchain technologies.

Whereas, Bitcoin blockchain architect has many limitations, like the 1MB limitation of every block, the long transaction time. However, Bitcoin price is constantly galloping that make many Financial experts confused.

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