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What is Bitconnect? How to invest in (BCC) safely for newcomers?

What is Bitconnect? Is a fraud? Should I invest in Bitconnect (BCC)? Is Bitconnect a Ponzi scheme? How to invest in Bitconnect? There are many questions about this topic that are considered among cryptocurrency society. In this article, I will share some useful information for you to know more about this kind investment. And I also have some advice for who are wanting to invest in Bitconnect (BCC).

What is Bitconnect?

Bitconnect (BCC) is an open source code platform, in which you can buy, sell and loan Bitcoins with other members of this community. The Bitconnect members interact with others directly through an equal gate, that allows you to buy, sell and loan Bitcoin. Bitconnect is built neither to be a company, nor a financial organization, but a community.

What is Bitconnect

What is Bitconnect?


The main function of is to make Bitcoin become the major payment method in the World. It provides a Bitcoin transaction environment by a peer-to-peer community, where every member can interact with each other directly. To do this, Bitconnect offers you some Modules to connect you to their market. These modules are Sell service, Buy service, Loan service, and the List (where we can do anything for you).

Is Bitconnect a fraud or a Ponzi scheme?

There is a way for Bitconnect to become a Ponzi scheme, everything can happen. Although at present, it is not a fraud, you should be careful. There is a chance that Lending system is just a cover of a Ponzi scheme behind. If that is true, it is unfortunately for newcomers, who have just invested for a couple of months.

Many Ponzi scheme trades such as, Bitkingdom, Eurobits, which were super hot, now all disappeared. All of them have been strongly committed to its potential and opportunity for investors to become rich fast, what makes the huge amount of people cheated.

Despite being risky, many investors are now transacting and investing in Bitconnect. It is quite easy to understand because its interest rate is super attractive.

I myself rarely invest in commission funds, but Bitconnect is an exception. Of course, before investing, I have measured the Risk and I will accept the loss if something happens. You know, there are always risks when it comes to investment, even if that is a super secure investment like lend your friends some money.

The potential of Bitconnect investment

Why are there many investors have invested in the biggest package of Bitconnect, when have known all of its risks? I can answer that the major of these investors are super rich, they do not fear the risk and the compound interest of Bitconnect sounds attractive to them.

Is there any way to get your investment back in two months? It is very rare. You can call Bitconnect is a risky investment. If you win, you can earn a lot. If you lose, all will be gone.

If you want to hold BCC coin, there is a chance that you can earn 2 or 3 times of the invested amount in 3 months. If you want to be secure, you can join in the Lending system, after 2 months, you could get your investment back if you invested in a Big package, and if you invested in a Small package, it would take over 3 months.

With the present interest rate, a package of 10,000 USD takes 2.5 months for you to get your investment back. After that, you can continue to invest if you still believe in Bitconnect, and you can stop investing if you do not trust it anymore.

Different from other coins that always shout that: “Invest in us, we will go public in the several of months”, Bitconnect has already been listed in Coinmarketcap for a long time ago. Bitconnect can be transacted through some Trades like Livecoin and Novaexchange.

It can be said that Bitconnect is the most practical coin among the similar modelled coin. You can check Bitconnect’s roadmap for its development path in here:

The opportunity for Compound interest when investing in Bitconnect

When you invest in BCC, you have to buy Bitcoins first, then you can use those Bitcoins to buy BCCs with the amount that you want to invest, and finally, you use these BCC for lending. Bitconnect will pay you the interest and the principal by USD.

When you get your interest in USD, you can exchange it into BCC with the present exchange rate. You have two choices now:

– Safe one: If you want to be safe, when you receive the interest, you can change it into BCC, and sell BCC for BTC.

– Risky one: You change all of your payment into BCC, and hold it. One month later, you can sell all of the compound interest.

However, Bitconnect exchange rate is changing constantly, so if you hold BCC when the rate is down, you are in fact loss. So, be aware of BCC exchange rate too. At present, the exchange rate of Bitconnect is stably increasing day by day, month by month. You can measure your compound interest by the formula: The compound interest = the daily interest via BCC lending + the interest via the increasing of BCC rate.

So, as an adventurous guy, I chose the option 2. Daily, when the interest comes into my lending wallet in USD, I will change it into BCC and hold it. After one month, I will sell all of it. If you are afraid of risk that still wants the compound interest, you can sell all of the BCC every two-week.

Should we invest in Bitconnect?

At present, the Bitconnect coin is officially at Top 27 coin in the CoinMarketCap with the market capitalization at 1.9 billion USD and the exchange rate at 319.19 USD for 1 BCC. The Bitconnect network is growing every day. Among entrusted investment coin, Bitconnect is surely the best coin in present and in the future.

bcc on coinmarketcap

Bitconnect Ranking in CoinMarketCap

Moreover, the fraudulent entrusted investment funds always pay unbelievable interest, but Bitconnect pays only a reasonable interest at 0.25% – 0.9% per day, and 20% – 30% per month. And with the increase in the number of investors that shows no sign of stopping, Bitconnect is very hard to collapse. However, that is my opinion, the final decision is depended on you. You are the one who can decide your future, so take a deep research before investing in Bitconnect.

At present, I am investing in 50,000 USD lending package, and receiving the daily interest stably. I now intend to invest one more 50,000 USD package to raise my total package to 100,000 USD. Bitconnect is now paying its investors by USD, so the rate swing of Bitconnect shall not affect you if you do not choose to earn the compound interest.

How to create an account to invest in Bitconnect

Step 1: First, you need to access this link: in order to register an account on Fill in follow information:

– First name

– Last name

– Email Address

– Username

– Password

– Confirm Password

– Country and your phone number

– The red circle is the name of your sponsor.

– DOB: fill in your day of birth

– Tick “I agree and have read the Terms of use”

– Tick “I’m not a robot”

– Click “SIGN UP” to finish registration.

signup on bitconnect

Sign up on Bitconnect

Step 2: Bitconnect system will send you an Email for activation your account. Go to your email inbox (sometimes it is in the spam box), find Bitconnect’s Email, and click the activation link.

active account on Bitconnect

Active your account on Bitconnect

Step 3: Okay, now you already have a new account on After clicking on activation link, you will see as below, click “Login” in the top menu. Enter your Email and password to login and start investing.

login bitconnect

Click Login to access the Bitconnect system

Step 4: Bitconnect may recommend you to set up three security questions. You need to choose three questions and fill in the answer. Remember to note it somewhere for the future need.

How to invest in Bitconnect?

After registering a Bitconnect account, you have two wallets used to invest:

– BTC wallet

– BCC wallet

Both of these wallets allow you to Deposit and Withdraw, which looks like:BCC WalletBCC Wallet

Note that: The Currency symbol of Bitconnect is BCC, which is often mistaken as Bitcoin Cash. The currency symbol of Bitcoin Cash used to be BCC but now has changed to BCH. Don’t be confused.

There two common options to invest in Bitconnect, which are:

– Buying and Selling Bitconnect to get the difference amount in the exchange rate. You need to buy BCC and wait several months to sell it.

– Invest in the lending system of Bitconnect (to fund Bitconnect)

I will give you detail introductions to these two options below. (In addition, there is another way to earn money from BCC, which is to mine BCC. If you are interested in this, I will guide you in the next article)

Option 1: Invest in the Lending system of Bitconnect

Note: If you have decided in the Lending system of Bitconnect without knowing how to do it, you can contact me for some bits of help.

This is a kind of contribution investment, you can invest in Bitconnect due to its exclusive Lending architecture. This special investment model is based on the interest when investing in Bitconnect and the Bitconnect exchange rate swings. You can receive your daily interest depending on your Lending package.

According to my experience, you can take all of your investment back in 3 three months, and continue to receive the daily interest. The time maybe changes due to the change in the market. However, for me, this is a quite good investment channel with a low statement of risk. The higher the swing of Bitconnect exchange rate is, the higher the interest you will earn. You can see the interest rate of each package in the following chart:

Investment Package of Bitconnect

Investment Package of Bitconnect

From $100 to $1,000 investments (i have invested in this package)

– Daily interest payment based on Bitcoin rate swing

– The rate of return is 400% (annual)

– You can withdraw your investment anytime after 299 days.

– You can have the lifetime interest when investing in Bitconnect

From $1,010 to $5,000 investments (i have invested in this package)

– Daily interest payment based on Bitcoin rate swing + 0.10% of your investment daily.

– The rate of return is 436% (annual)

– You can withdraw your investment anytime after 239 days.

– You can have the lifetime interest when investing in Bitconnect

From $5,010 to $10,000 investments (i am now investing in this package)

– Daily interest payment based on Bitcoin rate swing + 0.20% of your investment daily.

– The rate of return is 472% (annual)

– You can withdraw your investment anytime after 179 days.

– You can have the lifetime interest when investing in Bitconnect

From $10,010 to $100,000 investments (i am intending to investing in this package)

– Daily interest payment based on Bitcoin rate swing + 0.25% of your investment daily.

– The rate of return is 472% (annual)

– You can withdraw your investment anytime after 120 days.

– You can have the lifetime interest when investing in Bitconnect.

The higher your investment is, the sooner you can withdraw all of your investment. When it comes to lending investment, the most important thing is to withdraw your investment, so you can consider this to make the best investment. To invest in the lending system of Bitconnect, you need some Bitcoins to deposit into BTC wallet on If you already have some BTC, you just simply can transfer those into your wallet on If you have not had any BTC, you must buy some Bitcoin to start investing. However, the first thing you need to decide is how much USD you want to invest in (the lowest package is for Lending is 100 USD). After choosing, you need to convert it to BCC, and after that, you need to convert it to BTC to invest in.

It sounds complicated, you can access “DASHBOARD” => choose “Lend Bitconnect” => Fill in the amount of USD that you want to invest, in the box number 3 (100 USD for example). => The number in the next box is the amount of BCC that you need to invest in. So, for the smallest package, you will need 0.47 BCC.

lending BCC

lending Bitconnect

Bitconnect Lending

Then, you will need to determine how much BTC to buy 0.47 BCC. You access “BCC EXCHANGE”, choose “BUY BCC” to fill in the exchange information, which is:

– Units: Fill in the amount of BCC – 0.47

– Bid: Exchange rate of BCC/BTC, you should choose “Last” for the lasted exchange rate.

In the “Total” box, the suitable amount of BTC will appear. In this case is 0.01744290 BTC. However, you should buy a little more to avoid the situation of the increase in exchange rate.

For example in this case, If you want to invest 10o USD, which means 0.47 BCC, you need to deposit 0.018 BTC in the wallet (if you can, you should deposit 0.02 BTC for sure, of course, the remaining amount can be withdrawn or used anytime you want).

Bitconect Lending

Bitconnect Lending 2

If you choose the second option (Buy and Sell Bitcoin to earn the differences

), you do not need to calculate anything, and you can invest any amount that you wish to. Now, I will guide you how to deposit BTC in BTC wallet on

Step 1: Choose “DASHBOARD” => Click “Deposit Bitcoin (BTC)”

Deposit Bitcoin

Deposit Bitcoin

Step 2: You will get your Bitcoin address on like the below picture. You need to send Bitcoin to this address. Note that: you must copy and paste correctly, it needs only 1 mistaken character for you to lose all of your BTC, that there is no way to take it back.

Deposit Bitcoin

Deposit Bitcoin 2

When you have finished depositing your BTC to BTC wallet on, you need to wait for 10 – 15 minutes to see the BTC amount in your wallet. Go to “BCC EXCHANGE” to know the remaining BTC amount of your wallet

Deposit Bitcoin

Deposit Bitcoin 3


However, you cannot use it yet. It takes you more 30 minutes to change the state of these BTC from “UNCONFIRM BALANCE” to “AVAILABLE BALANCE”. And now, you can use these BTC to buy BCC.

Step 3: You need to change BTC to BCC (use Bitcoin to buy Bitconnect) in order to invest in the Lending system because Bitconnect just allows BCC in lending investment. Go to “BCC EXCHANGE”, scroll down and find “BUY BCC”, click it and fill in the blanks:

– Units: the amount of BCC that you want to buy. Such as 0.59 BCC

– Bid: The rate of BCC that you want to buy. You should choose “Last” to buy instantly.

– Total: Total amount of BTC that is required 0.02189640 in this case. You need to ensure that your BTC amount in your wallet is at least equal to this number.

After filling in, check one more time and click “BUY BITCONNECT COIN” to finish buying.

buy BCC by BTC for Lending

Buy BCC by BTC to invest in Lending system

Confirm buy BCC

Next, click “Confirm” to verify your payment.

If your payment is successful, which means there is a seller who is selling BCC at the rate that you have filled in, you can check your BCC amount in the column “AVAILABLE BALANCE”.

Note: The number that you filled in the “Bid” box will affect the time your payment matching. If you want to buy faster, you can set the number a little higher/ For example, if in the “Bid” box, the “Last” rate is 0.03702, you can fill in 0.038, and your order will instantly match.

In the case you set the “Bid” number as “Last”, you need to wait for someone to sell his BCC at this rate to complete the order. If your payment cannot complete, you will see it in the “MY OPEN ORDERS” section. You should click the “x” icon to cancel that order, and make a new order with the higher rate.

Step 3: Return to “DASHBOARD” and click “Lend Bitconnect” and fill in the USD amount that you wish to invest (this amount must be multiples of 10, which means the last digit is 0). The next box will show you the corresponding BCC amount. You have to ensure that your available BCC is at least equal to this number. After filling in, scroll down and tick the box “I have read the Terms of use…”, and click “Pay from Bitconnect Wallet”.

Finally, click “Confirm” to verify your lending package. That’s all.

Bitconnect will announce you that you have just invested successfully. Click “Close” to finish.

You can scroll down to see your Bitconnect investment package that you have just taken part in. All of your Lending packages will be shown in here.

BCC Lending

Ok. That’s all. Now you only need to wait for it to send you the interest daily. If you want to withdraw the interest, it is quite easy.

How to withdraw your interest payment in USD?

As said above, Bitconnect will pay you daily in USD, and you can withdraw this in your “Lending wallet”. Now, to withdraw your interest, you need to change it from USD to BCC, and exchange from BCC to BTC, and finally Withdraw BTC to one Bitcoin exchange trade and sell it for USD.

You can withdraw your interest daily if you want. However, if you invest in a small package (100$ – 500%), you should wait a week to withdraw it, because every time you withdraw you will need to pay a small fee (when you exchange BCC to BTC, and when you withdraw BTC to exchange trade). So, it is a big waste if you withdraw the small amount, which is from 5 to 10 USD. Below I will show you how to withdraw the interest in Bitconnect:

Step 1: After logging in, you need to choose “DASHBOARD”, the number in “Lending Wallet” is your interest. Now you need to click “Transfer” to change your interest amount to BCC.

transfer BCC
Tranfer BCC

Step 2: click “All” to change the interest amount to BCC, then click “Transfer”. This process does not require any fee, and the Bitconnect system based on the current exchange rate to exchange it for you.

withdraw BCCWithraw BCC

Step 3: Click “Confirm”.

withdraw BCC

Ok. Now Bitconnect will announce that you are successful to exchange your interest to BCC. Click close to finish.

withdraw BCC

Now, you will see in your Bitconnect Wallet like below.

withdraw BCC

Step 4: Now you need to sell BCC for BTC by click “Exchange” like the picture above or choose “BCC Exchange” in the left menu, and choose “SELL BCC” to sell BCC. Fill in these blanks:

– Units: Fill in the number of BCC that you want to sell, or simply you just need to click “All”

– Ask: Fill in the sell rate that you wish to sell. Simply, you should choose last for faster sell process.

– Total: The system will automatically calculate the corresponding amount of BTC.



Click “Confirm”

Confirm sell BCC
Ok. Now if you check your “Bitcoin Wallet” you will see the BTC amount that you are owning.

BCC Balance

Step 5: After successful selling BCC for BTC, you need to withdraw BTC to your Exchange Trade (in here I use Remitano). You choose “BCC EXCHANGE” in the left menu and scroll down finding for “Receive Bitcoin (BTC)”. Click it, and then click “click here to send verification email”.

withdraw BCC
Step 6: the Bitconnect system will send you an email to confirm that you want to withdraw BTC. Login your email, read the email and click the link that they would have sent you.

withdraw BCC

Step 7: Now, go to your Exchange Trade to take a BTC address to fill in the blanks in the site that opened when you click the link in your email.

– To address: fill in the BTC address that you want to send BTC to (the address that you have just taken in your Exchange Trade)

– Quantity in Bitcoin: Fill in the amount of Bitcoin that you want to withdraw, or simply click “All” to withdraw all of your BTC on

– Password: fill in your login password on

Finally, Click “Withdraw from BTC wallet”. The fee for each time you withdraw is 0.0004 BTC.

withdraw BCC

Click “confirm”

withdraw BCC

Step 8: Now you need to work on your Exchange Trade. It is out of Bitconnect authority, you need to sell your BTC in your Exchange Trade for USD (or whatever official money that you want), and withdraw it to your bank account.

Option 2: Sell and Buy Bitconnect to earn the profit from rate differences.

If you have invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrency, you must be familiar with this kind of investment. To do this, you need to buy BCC and hold it for a period of time, which is maybe 3 – 4 months, or a reasonable period. In this time, you should daily update the exchange rate of BCC, and when you feel that the rate is quite good for you, you can sell it take the profit. You can see an example of rate swing of Bitconnect in the following picture:

Bitconnect Chart

Bitconnect exchange rate swings.

If in May 2017, you bought 100 coins of BCC at the rate at 10 USD / BCC (which mean the total investment was 1,000 USD), after 3 months, the BCC rate risen dramatically by 6 times, and you would have earned 6,000 USD. However, if you are not expert in surfing investment, you should not do this, it is very risky.

It does not mean that lending investment is totally safe. You will lose all of your money if the Bitconnect system falls down. This is the risk that you need to accept whenever you invest in a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). However, Bitconnect is now quite secure, you do not need to worry much about its fallen.

Thank for your reading. Hopefully, you have found useful information in my article and can make the best decisions. Please follow me for more cryptocurrency articles.

Update: At present (Jan 2018), Lending investment in Bitconnect is very risky, please consider carefully before investing. Thank you.

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