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What is coinbase? How to create and use the Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, Litecoin wallet in the coinbase?

Today, We will introduce you the trusted and free coinbase which can be used to create Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet and Litecoin wallet. I will show you the simplest way to create coin wallets in this coinbase. Let’s read this article to know how to use a coinbase and how to send/receive coin through coinbase.

How to create and use wallet on coinbase

How to create and use the Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, Litecoin wallet in the coinbase?

What is a coinbase?

Basically, Coinbase is not different from, which is the most trusted website for creating bitcoin wallet and bitcoin transaction. Many have asked me that “Is Coinbase safe?” and “Is Coinbase good?“. And I can answer surely that Coinbase’s quality could compare with that of Blockchain. These are the two best digital wallet platforms in the market. Coinbase services are completely free, that means you can create a wallet, exchange, transact and buy BTC without any fee. Therefore, Coinbase is used widely by a huge number of bitcoin users.

However, transaction time of Coinbase is quite longer than the time of Blockchain. This tiny disadvantage does not lower the number of users, because not charging is a much more important thing, and Coinbase also offers great services for storing and exchanging digital currencies.

How to create a Bitcoin, Ethereum and LTC wallets in Coinbase?

First, Register an account in

– To register an account in, you need to access this link: (Normally, in the first time you accessing, the default language will be French, you can easily change it to English in the bottom of the page).

– Next, you have to fill in this information: First name, Last name, Email and Password. After that, check the confirm box and click the “create account” button.

Sign up wallet on coinbase

Register an account in Coinbase

After registering, Coinbase system will send a confirmation email to your email address. You need to access the registered email address, and click the line of “Verify Email Address”.

verfication email on coinbase

Verify the email address

Okay, now you have done the Coinbase account registration. This also means you have created a wallet in the Coinbase. It is quite simple, isn’t it? Following is how to use a wallet. Let’s keep reading.

How to use the Bitcoin wallet in the Coinbase

After logging in the system, you will see a summary of your Bitcoin wallet. Have a look at the following picture.

The interface of Bitcoin wallet

The interface of Bitcoin wallet

I will explain the most important features of the Bitcoin wallet.

– Dashboard: the Summary page of your wallet.

– Buy/Sell: This feature is only available in some developed countries to buy or sell Bitcoins.

– Send/Request: You can use this features to send or request a BTC / ETH payment.

– Account: Statistic of BTC, ETH accounts.

– Setting: The place you can access to change your personal information, avatar, password, turn on the 2-Step Verification etc.

– Tool: Where you can create a BTC or ETH address using for receiving coins. You could create many addresses that are very easy to manage due to its nice user interface.

Coinbase allows you to create 200 different addresses, which is a critical advantage over other platforms. However, to do that, you are required to set a real avatar and turn on the Advanced option.

How to create Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin wallets in Coinbase

Firstly, you need to know that every digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin all has its main wallets and subsidiary wallets. Main wallets are the wallets that will change its addresses after every deposit. So with this kind of wallet, you need to update the address before requesting another payment.

In addition, the used main wallet addresses will be automatically listed as subsidiary wallet addresses. This feature ensures that you can properly receive the money, even if you forget to update the new address.

I will guide you how to get the bitcoin address now. You have to choose the “Accounts” tab, then click on the line of “Get Bitcoin Address” / “Get Ethereum Address” / “Get the Litecoin Address”.

How to create Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin wallets in Coinbase

How to create Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin wallets in Coinbase


How to create subsidiary BTC/ETH/LTC wallets in Coinbase

With a Coinbase account, you can create unlimited subsidiary wallets to receive money. You could assurance that you will always receive your money. You can use these subsidiary wallets for small payments.

Choose the “Tools” directory and then choose the “Addresses” tab. After that click on “Create New Address” button. You will see the subsidiary wallet address below immediately. You could use this wallet address to request a payment normally.

Create subsidiary BTC-ETH-LTC wallets in Coinbase

Create subsidiary BTC/ETH/LTC wallets in Coinbase


How to send money to someone by using your Coinbase account

For sending Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin to someone by using your Coinbase account, you have to choose the “Send/Request” directory, and then choose the “Send” tab. Next, fill in the blanks including receiving wallet address or coinbase account email, choose the type of coin and the amount of coin that you want to send, and some message to the receiver. Finally, click on “Send Funds” button.


That’s all. I have just shown you how to create an account in Coinbase to save, send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. It is not so hard, isn’t it? Hope you could do it properly. Thank for reading.


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