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What is Dashcoin? What is Dash?

What is Dashcoin? What is Dash? Dash or Dashcoin, which was called Darkcoin and Xcoin, is the new generation cryptocurrency. It is developed basing on an open source code called peer to peer, on InstantSend architecture, and on PrivateSend architecture. Dash is created by Global distributed computing system. As Bitcoin, Dash also offers a fast method of transacting without any intermediate organization, and no one can control the transaction.

What is Dashcoin What is Dash
What is Dashcoin? What is Dash?

Basically, Dash is born to solve the Bitcoin disadvantages in transaction time, financial private feature. Dash also has a better management system, which can offer a clear decentralization fee system.

What are differences between Dash and Bitcoin?

First, Bitcoin and Dash have many things in common. They are all used for transacting, buying goods without being control by any intermediate organization. They are cryptocurrencies, which base on blockchain technology, thus there is no way to fake or manipulate it. Dash is using an algorithm, which is the same as Bitcoin, to operate on a decentralization basis.

Dash is different from Bitcoin in the transaction time and the private. Dash is using proprietary technologies that are “PrivateSend” and “InstantSend”. The transaction time of Dash is super fast, and it allows users to send and receive anonymously. These are disadvantages of Bitcoin when it needs more than 10 minutes to verify the transactions of one block. This time may be lower if the fee is lower. Dash is completely better than Bitcoin.

The history of Dash

Dash was first invented on 18 January 2014 by Evan Duffield and was named Xcoin (XCO). In 28 Ferb, its name was changed to Darkcoin. And finally, on 25 March 2015, Darkcoin was changed to Dash. Dash is considered an upgraded version of Bitcoin. According to Evan, he invented Dash because the Bitcoin developing team did not accept changes in the operation of Bitcoin.

Evan Duffield who invented Dash
Evan Duffield who invented Dash

In 2 first day after the publishing, 1.9 million of Dash was exploited, which is about 1/4 of the total Dash. Dash has solved the concerned issues including transaction time, block size, decentralized management system and budget to raise fund.

According to CoinMarketCap, count to March 2017, The Dash market capitalization is more than 500 million USD and became the most promise altcoin.

Why is dash worthy?

1, Dash value

Due to being a decentralization cryptocurrency, Dash value is not determined as the same as other goods, but by the algorithm. Dash has published clearly its algorithm. It is an open source code based, and because of this, everyone can access it.

2, Dash features

Dash is born basing on Bitcoin idea, so it is clear why Dash is so similar to Bitcoin. The Masternote system is the most important difference from Bitcoin. One example of this technology is that if it takes two years for Bitcoin developer to improve the block size issue, Dash only needs 24 hours. This feature allows Dash make all use of computers which are on the network.

How much is the Dashcoin exchange rate?

Dashcoin exchange rate
Dashcoin exchange rate

At present, 1 Dash can be exchanged for 1,152.51 USD. Dash market capitalization is 8,978,471,836 USD which is equal to the value of 645,376 Bitcoin. Moreover, according to Coinmarketcap. Dash is in the top 10 of most valuable cryptocurrencies all over the World.


Maybe, for those who have just learn about cryptocurrencies and Dash, there are some certain difficulties. You simply just need to understand that Dash is one kind of internet money like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, which is used for the online transactions, payments without any without any intermediate organization (i.e the bank), and no one can control the transaction. Hopefully, you can find some useful information in this article. For more cryptocurrencies articles, please follow me. Thank for your reading.

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