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What is Ethereum Classic? Why is Ethereum Classic invented?

What is Ethereum Classic? Why is Ethereum Classic (ETC) invented? How is its history of birth and development? How is its risk? There are quite a lot questions concerning this topic. Many readers have asked me these questions. So, today I am writing this article for you to know more about Ethereum Classic.

What is Ethereum Classic

What is Ethereum Classic?

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum classic (ETC) is a Cryptocurrency which is developed based on Ethereum Blockchain architecture. In the beginning, these two Blockchain technologies are the same. But when it comes to the second hard fork of Ethereum, these two Blockchains are completely different.

However, the main functions of Ethereum classic are the same as Ethereum, such as The Smart Contract technology and the Distributed technique. Besides, the specification numbers of both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are the same, such as the average time of handling one Block, the reward for miners, and the size of one Block.

Why is Ethereum Classic invented?

It can be said that The second Hard Fork version of Ethereum is one of the most argumentative events concerning to Cryptocurrency. This event made the Ethereum community separate into 2 communities.

These are some opinions of who do not support the Hard Fork event:

– Anything that has happened in the Blockchain is not allowed to be changed.

– Crypto is the law, it is must fit The DAO Terms in any situation.

– This would make most of Ethereum investors at risk.

– This would make the Ethereum exchange rate fall dramatically.

And these are some opinions of who support the Hard Fork event:

– Crypto is the law: this was so old fashioned, and this law did fit most of Ethereum investors.

– Hacker could be able to continue stealing and hacking the network.

– This would not make investors at risk.

– The rate of Ethereum would rise again.

– This is a must-do solution.

Why is Ethereum Classic invented

Why is Ethereum Classic invented?

And, the result is the birth of Ethereum Classic

How is the risk of Ethereum Classic?

Previously, Bitcoin has faced the argument that to separate or not to separate. This made a huge amount of investors worried because it would make the Bitcoin rate decrease.

Moreover, whenever a transaction happens in the Blockchain, there is no way back, so the information of private key could be hacked.

How much is the Ethereum Classic valued?

ETC Chart

The Ethereum Classic Exchange Rate

The value of Ethereum Class always fluctuates rapidly, even it is changing every minute, which is likely to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Due to this attribute, ETC is super attractive to surfing investors. At present, when I am writing this article, one ETC can be exchanged for 37.11 USD or 0.00258 BTC. The market capitalization is 3.676 Billion USD.


To be simple, Ethereum Classic (ETH) is the second version of Ethereum. And at present, its value is rising significantly. ETH is quite promising for investors. Below is the article about “What is Ethereum classic? Why is Ethereum Classic invented?”. Hopefully, you have found useful information in my article.

Thank for reading. For more cryptocurrency articles, please follow us.

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