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Is it wise to invest in Ethereum?

Firstly, you have to understand what Ethereum is. Please read the following article to know more about Ethereum.

Generally, Ethereum is a digital currency using cryptography. Cryptography is a security process for ensuring that transactions are safe. It is compared to Bitcoin and is being called Bitcoin version 2. Its technology can improve many disadvantages of Bitcoin.

With Ethereum’s rapid development, it is about to dominate the cryptocurrency market and take over the Bitcoin.

Should we invest in Ethereum?

Why is Ethereum accepted widely?

Ethereum uses Smart Contract to execute the transactions. Basically, this Smart Contract can promote the transaction process faster, more trusted and more secure. This is far better than Bitcoin normal transaction (Bitcoin needs from 1 to 120 minutes to handle one transaction).

Ethereum is accepted widely by big companies and nations.

Ethereum is now accepted as a transaction method in many countries, evenly is more common than Bitcoin. Many countries that are worried about Bitcoin management and security accept Ethereum easily due to its safety. Ethereum is better than Bitcoin in transacting.

A big market

Has been rapidly developing since 25 million USD in 2014, now the market capitalization of Ethereum is more than 1 billion USD in 2016.

Should we invest in Ethereum?

For a developing market like Ethereum, it is very potential for us to invest in. But the answer always depends on you. Long holding or Surfing, what do you choose?

Good luck.

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